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About Home Watch & How We Fit In

As the Home Watch industry grows and becomes more desirable and, in many cases, necessary, so are the many differences between a professional home watch and the "Hobby Home Watcher" services. Home Watch is now a recognized and respected profession in which Voyage Home Watch and Services (VHWAS) and Voyage Boat Watch and Services (VBWAS) offer loyalty and a high level of service to each home/water vehicle owner.  


Professionally trained home watch companies like VHWAS and VBWAS will give you significantly more when caring for your home and water vehicle while your property is unoccupied and vulnerable. 


It would greatly benefit the seasonal homeowners to educate themselves on who will be watching over their properties and who will have access to them. These properties are one of the most significant investments, if not the largest investments you will make, and it needs to be protected.

Especially when away.  

About Us

We are a family-owned business, and our mission is to give you a level of comfort while you are on your VOYAGE away from home. We are a Home Watch Academy program graduate, and we practice the industry's highest standards. Our services may be the difference between damage and disaster. 


With VHWAS's and VBWAS's combined expertise in property management and supervision, construction management, home and water vehicle handyman availability and knowledge, organizational leadership, and customer service, we will go over and beyond what's expected regarding the care of your property. VHWAS and VBWAS are here for you and to look for any irregularities week by week. We are here to keep an eye on and see potential damage in the early stages before it turns into a disaster. 


 VHWAS and VBWAS uses state-of-the-art software to help us and the homeowner have more detailed and hands-on direct access to each home and their custom-designed checklist of needs. We have a network of resources to draw upon to go above and beyond what's expected in the Home Watch community.












VHWAS is insured and bonded for your protection as well as ours. The homeowner will be expected to sign and agree to a contract outlining the homeowner's responsibility and the VHWAS's and VBWAS's responsibilities.  

Our goal is to build strong partnerships and friendships with our clients. And that's why we work closely with each homeowner to ensure we deliver services tailored to each client's individual needs and their properties.  


We are Home Watch trained and committed because this is our profession, not a hobby. 

Why Home Watch is an 
Essential Service...

"Did you know that there is one setting on your thermostat that can destroy your home?

South Florida is a part-time residence for second-home owners from all over the USA, Canada, and abroad. They are often referred to as snowbirds, seasonal residents, or absentee homeowners. The first hint that their yearly sojourn has begun is in October, as our seasonal friends start to arrive, reaching its mass migration crescendo by January. Upon entering the front door, for many, this will be the first check on their Florida home since they left it empty the previous spring. Little did they know why October is known as "Mold Month." Imagine returning to your dream home in the sun only to find it essentially uninhabitable due to mold growth." Click the link below for the rest of the article...

What To Do Next?

If you or anyone you know needs a professional Home Watch or Boat Watch service, please "Get Your Quote" by clicking here to book your free consultation with one of our professionals. 

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